Remote for Subaru

Programming  Instructions

  • Obtain all remote transmitters for this vehicle.
  • For remote programming on this vehicle, it is necessary to obtain the identification number on the circuit board in the remote.
  • Take a small screwdriver and split the case halves of the remote. Once open you will look on the circuit board and see a sticker with 8 digits on it. If there are two rows of digits you need the one with all numbers and no letters.
  • Sit in the vehicle and close the door. Ensure that all doors and rear gate or trunk lid are closed
  • Open then close the driver’s door
  • Open then close the driver’s door within 45 seconds
  • Cycle the ignition switch from LOCK to ON 10 times within 15 seconds. Once done properly you will hear an audible tone accompanied with a buzzing noise. At the same time the interior light will begin to flash. The flashing light and the buzzing sound will continue through the programming process. If you do not get this response then you must return to step 3 and start over
  • Open and close the door within 15 seconds and the audible tone will be heard again. If you do not get the audible tone at this time you must return to step 3 and start over
  • While you still hear the tone, press the LOCK button on the door panel the same amount of times as the first digit on the identification number, if the first number is 2 you will press the LOCK button twice, if the number is 8 you will press the LOCK button eight times. Once the first sequence is entered for the first number you will press the UNLOCK button once within five seconds. Repeat these steps for the seven remaining digits of the identification number. Press the UNLOCK button within five seconds after each number entry
  • Once finished entering all numbers in the identification number you must press the UNLOCK button one more time within 5 seconds and then go through Step 6 one more time. You must complete all steps in Step 6 one additional time. At completion of the eighth digit you will hear an audible tone for approximately 30 seconds
  • Repeat Steps 4-7 for each additional remote you are programming to the vehicle
  • Upon completion you can remove key from ignition and test all remotes to ensure that the programming was successful