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Vehicle Fitment:

Escalade (2003-2006)
Avalanche (2003-2006)
Equinox (2005-2006)
Silverado (2003-2007)
SSR (2003-2004)
Suburban (2003-2007)
Tahoe (2003-2007)
Sierra (2003-2007)
Yukon (2003-2007)
H1 (2003-2003)
H2 (2003-2007)
Torrent (2006-2007)
Vue (2004-2007)

Programming Instructions:

Hold down unlock button on door, not transmitter
While holding down, turn key on, off, on, off. (do not turn key all the way to start)
Leave key in off position and let go of the unlock button. Doors should lock and unlock and horn should beep. It is now in program mode.
Hold down the lock and unlock on the transmitter for approximately 30-60 seconds. The door locks will cycle when that transmitter is programmed.
Take the next transmitter and do the same with it.
After they are both programmed turn the key on and doors will cycle again and the horn will beep. This takes it out of programming mode and completes programming of your fobs.

  • Fits: Escalade (2003-2006) Avalanche (2003-2006) Equinox (2005-2006) Silverado (2003-2007) SSR (2003-2004)
  • Fits: Suburban (2003-2007) Tahoe (2003-2007) Sierra (2003-2007) Yukon (2003-2007) H1 (2003-2003) H2 (2003-2007) Torrent (2006-2007) Vue (2004-2007)
  • FCC ID: LHJ011 OE number: 21997127,15186200,15186201,15186203,15132197,15132198,10377295
  • Complete remote flip key with all electronics and battery included.
  • ✅ This Product is Guaranteed to work just like your original, We also provide 90 days Exchange warranty for our products.




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